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Review: Nitro Concepts E220 Evo Gaming Chair

When it comes to gaming comfort, a good chair is important. This time around, I got to test the Nitro Concepts E220 Evo Gaming Chair in the white and black color scheme.

With a price tag of only $249, it’s one of the cheaper gaming chairs on the market, and by quite a fair margin. In fact, most of the chairs from Nitro Concepts are around the $200 price point, making them the most wallet-friendly gaming chair manufacturer.

The E220 Evo comes in seven different color schemes. Two are white, like the one we received, and the other five are black with different color accents. Despite my initial concerns about the white material being easily stained and scuffed, I quite enjoyed the look of the chair. It can be hard to find gaming chairs with so many color options, but all the various lines from Nitro Concepts come in around six different color schemes, making it easy to find something to compliment your rig.


As with any gaming chair, or any chair in general, you want it to be comfortable. When you first sit down in the E220 Evo, you might notice that it doesn’t grip your body as tightly as some of the higher-end chairs do. But that can be a good thing if you like some wiggle room. An extra benefit of this is that the E220 Evo can accommodate more body types.

I did have a small amount of trepidation about the large, neck-high opening in the chair’s design. This type of gap is present in almost every gaming chair on the market, but the E220 Evo has a particularly prominent one. Happily, it didn’t cause any problems at all, and I didn’t even notice it once I was sitting down. If you’re around 5’5”, well, that might be another story.


There are two different materials used in the construction of the E220 Evo; one is the faux leather that is widely used, and the other is a soft, breathable, black fabric. The rest of the chair is built out of a solid frame, like other gaming chairs, and can safely support around 260 pounds.

But being a budget gaming chair means you’re going to have to sacrifice something to bring the price down. The guys over at Nitro Concepts decided to ax the back adjuster. On one hand, we no longer have the handle of death to contend with, but we do lose functionality with the backrest.

So if you want any wiggle on the position of the backrest, you have to adjust the knob underneath the chair. Even then, the amount of give isn’t tremendous, and you’re limited to around 15 degrees. But what the chair lacks in movement, it makes up for in the ability to keep your back straight. Sit in this chair for a few weeks, or even one week, and your spine will thank you.

The armrests are another area that received considerable modifications. Unlike every other chair I’ve tested, the armrests are attached to the back of the chair instead of the seat. It’s an interesting concept, but it’s not one I’m completely sold on. The unfortunate problem with attaching the armrests to the back of the chair is that if you apply any form of downward weight to the armrests the backrest gets pulled forward.

The E220 Evo also lacks the ability to adjust the armrests, but I don’t find this to be a problem at all. Most chairs I’ve ever used have had the ability to adjust the armrests, but I rarely, if ever, use the feature.

In addition, there are a few minor quality issues with the stitching. It’s a little rough in a few unimportant places, and can easily be pulled back to reveal some of the staples used to secure the faux leather.

Overall, this chair is a pretty good value for the price. It straddles the line between a chair for the office and a chair built just for gaming. So, if you happen to come across one while shopping around, give it a go. Other gaming chairs will run you upwards of $400 or more, which is a big reason not to get a gaming chair at all. But at $249, the E220 Evo Gaming chair mixes functionality with price quite adroitly.