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E-Blue Cobra-X Gaming Chair Redefines Awesomeness

Let’s all take a moment and imagine the most comfortable place you can be.  For you, maybe it’s a giant pillow stuffed with goose feathers.  For others it might be that leather couch that they fell in love with from the first time they sat in it at the furniture store.  Do you have that place in mind?

Forget it.  The correct answer, to the question I didn’t ask, is the E-Blue Cobra-X Professional Gaming Chair.  Seriously, my first reaction when sitting down in this chair for the first time was “oooh!”  This chair is just that comfortable. Actually, that was my second reaction. The first was "who the heck is E-Blue?"

From the first moment, the Cobra-X chair felt like it wanted me to sit in it.  The cushion, which has a full inch of padding or more, hugs you from the moment you sit down.  The seat is angled slightly, naturally making your entire body slide back into it, further cementing the fact that you should be sitting in this chair.

As I said in my other chair review, I’m 6-feet tall and that created problems with a recently-reviewed DXRacer Gaming Chair.  With the Cobra, the seat cushion is made so your legs aren’t at weird angle.  The adjustment range of the chair height allows you to find a good position so that the back of your knees can rest comfortable at the edge.

The chair back is designed pretty similarly to other E-Blue chairs.  It doesn’t have that Cobra-hood look of their $249 Cobra Chairs, but I never felt like I needed it.  The back is comfy and forces you to sit up straight.  This was a great feature for me because I know I have really bad posture when I’m at a computer for long hours.  But, it doesn’t force you to sit up straight in a bad way.  It feels very natural.

The back doesn’t go back as far as other chairs, 118-degree range, but it has a great feature that I couldn’t get enough of.  While many chairs, office and gaming, will snap back once the adjustment lever is engaged, the Cobra will not.  Through experimentation I found that when you engage the lever the chair will stay in whatever position it is in until you apply your weight.  When you do so, there will be a small click that disengages a locking mechanism.  Only at that point will the chair move again for adjustment.

Other features include armrests that are adjustable. Each one has a small lever on the underside that allows you to rotate it them a full 360 degrees either way, and the up and down function worked seamlessly.

The only odd thing about this chair that I could really think of was the orientation of the back adjustment lever.  It is off to the left side of the chair and goes forward and back instead of the usual up and down.

If you are a bit on the wider side you may have problems with this chair.  The website describes the width as modest, but you have to remember that this chair is designed in Asia, and generally speaking Asians aren’t as bulky as the rest of the world.  But, I don’t think you’ll really run into a problem with this chair even taking that into consideration, but it is worth mentioning.

So if you’re in the market for a new chair gaming chair, this is the one to get.  The $269 E-Blue Cobra-X is available in only red/black/gray while the cheaper Cobra regular models run $249 and come in two colors, red and blue.  But be careful, if your experience is anything like mine you’ll want to sit in this chair for far too long and when that happens your KDA will inevitably drop closer to 1.  Well, at least mine will.


E-Blue? Who the hell are these guys? Turns out they run the esports scene in Japan and parts of Asia, with twitchy-fingered McKrees using their loungers at tournaments and elsewhere.

Now, having used around a dozen gaming chairs from nearly every brand on the market, the E-Blue is a shockingly awesome chair...period. Not “for the price” but for any price.

In fact, I asked a number of people with cursory gaming chair familiarity to guess the E-Blue’s MSRP. Many came in around $500. One person, after sitting in the E-Blue, said $700.

Big reveal: they were shocked to learn the E-Blue Cobra-X is a bargain at $269 (of course, that’s a lot of money for any chair, but when a competitor throws on LEDs for $200, we’re in strange territory).

The reason people thought the chair was more expensive is because the materials simply are more expensive -- fancy leather, chromed legs, machined steel arm bars. I mean, look at this thing, there’s metal and leather in places where plastic and vinyl reign on competing models.

How E-Blue is getting the price so low for such a premium product is a mystery. My guess is many other chairs are more expensive than they need to be. DX Racer has, for a few years now, owned the gaming chair segment. With all the competitors on the market, prices are dropping quickly.

Also, the styling on the Cobra is my favorite so far. The pictures really don’t do the chair justice -- it’s not a two tone but a three tone pallet. The gray center area is a great touch to break up the generic red/black look of nearly every gaming product on the market.

And then there’s the comfort -- this chair, to my bony body, feels awesome. It’s definitely on the racer side, rather than sofa comfort levels. One appreciated touch is how comfortable the arm rests are. Most are hard plastic, but these have more squish. It’s like industrial foam or something.

As for personal issues, I do wish they ditched the giant stitched letters everywhere, go with something subtle and professional that speaks to the quality of the product. When I first saw pics of the chair on their website, I wasn’t exactly excited. I think E-Blue should ditch the logos and generic cobra branding for something more pro, but that’s just me.

Otherwise, I love this chair and can’t wait to see what else E-Blue brings to the states. If you're in the market for a chair and are 6ft or shorter and on the skinny side, buy the E-Blue Cobra-X, thank me later.