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Cryorig H7 Quad Lumi Build - Modern Mini RGB Powerhouse

Enter the Cryorig Quad Lumi H7. The Quad Lumi brings that RGB action to the super popular Cryorig H7 cooler. Now, Cryorig is one of my favorite boutique air cooling companies. And not just for the performance, but the style and attention to detail.

So it makes sense then that Cryorig would partner with NZXT, makers of some of the most popular modern PC cases around, for the launch of their new CPU cooler.


Since Lumi is cryo-code for RGB, we decided to put together a killer mini RGB build with every RGB product we could find as well as the new Intel 545S SSD, ZOTAC 1080 Ti AMP! and MSI Z270 Carbon. 


If you’re not familiar with the original Cryorig H7, all you need to know is it’s one of the most popular standard air coolers out there.

The H7 shows up in lots of clean tempered glass builds on Reddit or PC Part Picker due to its fresh looks, 100% RAM clearance, solid cooling, installation and good price. The H7 is one of those easy recommendations for anyone looking to spend under $40 for a cooler.


The $59 Lumi edition adds RGB LEDs to the H7 game. Lighting shines through the top Cryorig logo as well as underneath, shining on the CPU socket. More on this in a bit.

The Quad Lumi is rated for 140watts. That means your 65 watt “non-k” CPUs will stay nice and cool. For the 91 watt overclockable CPUs like the 7700k, you have clearance for a decent overclock on your CPU.

The new X-Series CPUs are rated at 112w on the low end and 140w on the high end. That said, the X-Series are overclockable and Intel Turbo Boost out of the box is taking the new X-Series to even higher numbers, so go with liquid if you're on X-Series. 


Some of you may be wondering why NZXT would be partnering with a competing company, especially a company that makes CPU coolers that compete, in some ways, with NZXT’s own line of RGB-tastic Kraken AIOs.

Cryorig also makes liquid coolers (available here), but they’re a price level below the NZXT Kraken line.

Also, NZXT doesn’t mess with air coolers, so it kinda makes sense NZXT would support the popular Cryorig H7’s RGB tech. Will this mean more NZXT partnerships in the future? No idea, but if NZXT wants CAM to be the universal software to rule them all, then it would make sense.


Now, while the Cryorig H7 Lumi is all about the RGB LEDs, one noticeable area that’s missing the unicorn powers is the fan. The 120mm fan is white LEDs only. That means the RGB action is ONLY on the top logo and bottom underglow. No fan RGBs.

Of course, this is a standard 120mm fan included, which looks great. But if you want that next level RGB game, you would probably want to upgrade to the NZXT Aer RGB fans for a complete look.


The LEDs are controlled through the NZXT CAM software. CAM is the backbone of NZXT’s quest for your desktop. CAM controls NZXT’s RGB Aer fans, Hue + controller as well as provides system info in a slick minimalistic interface.


Since the Quad Lumi is NZXT-powered, we went with a full NZXT build. The white Manta ITX case is, while not that small, definitely a cool looking case.

Additionally, we landed NZXT Aer RGB Aer fans for complete unicorn rainbow explosion.

Inside, the i7-7700 takes CPU duty in an MSI Z270 Carbon ITX board. For graphics, we grabbed a ZOTAC GTX 1080 Ti AMP! Edition. We had an AMP! Extreme as well, but the Extreme is 3 slots thick, not two, and three just isn’t gonna fit inside the Manta.

For RAM, the G.SKILL Trident RGB RAM is showing up everywhere for a reason -- it just looks killer.

For power, we wanted to try the Seasonic 100% fanless 520 watt power supply. This is right around the minimum wattage recommended for the components. It's Platinum rated and, naturally, completely silent.

Finally, an Intel 545S SSD provided the storage.


The Cryorig’s performance is well established, but if RGB is your game, then the aesthetics and sizing make this air cooler a really excellent choice for compact builds like this. I mean, look at that clearance -- the H7 takes up just the right amount of space without covering RAM or hitting side panels.

The only recommendation I would make would be swapping out the Cryorig white LED fan for an RGB Aer fan if you want a truly RGB solution. Honestly, I thought I’d see the RGB Aer on the Cryorig when it was first announced -- it would kinda make sense to bring the full NZXT fan game to the Cryorig cooling portfolio.

Otherwise, the $59 Quad Lumi, at $25 more expensive than the standard H7, is on the pricier side, but we like premium that isn’t insanely expensive. The Cryorig Quad Lumi brings top quality and killer looks to a price just below liquid cooling. With that in mind, Cryorig plus NZXT is a team I’d like to see more of in the future.