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Hands-On: be quiet! Base 600 Orange Case

I’m a sucker for powerful silent PCs. Typically, “powerful” and “silent” don’t go together. But there’s a small cult of enthusiasts who are always striving to lower the decibels without sacrificing performance.

So when Germany’s “be quiet!” (yup, all lower case with an exclamation point) reached out to us to review their Silent Base 600 Case Orange with Window ($119), I couldn’t help but to say yes.

Now, if you’re really into zero sound, you have to go all passive cooling. But true passive cooling and top processors don’t mesh. At least, not right now and not without some serious DIY action. One day I’ll have a fully passive VR rig.

Here, be quiet! is all about ultra low noise fans in their cases, power supplies and CPU coolers. Their “SilentWings” fans not only reduce the normal turbulence, but also reduce the mechanical vibrations to keep the buzzing to a minimum.

Once this black box landed in the office, I couldn’t help but take some quick photos and check out their sound-silencing features.

First thing to know — the attention to detail on the be quiet! Base 600 case is impressive. You’ll notice in the pictures below all the textured sound dampening material on the side panels an hidden in spots to muffle the racket. Combined with all the tiny touches like rubber grommets, slide-out magnetic filters and much more, be quiet! is really bringing a lot of game to the mid-tower case category.

Other be quiet! models don’t feature windows because, obviously, windows don’t silence as well as panels stuffed with acoustic treatments.

These days, most builders want to show off their goods so be quiet! obliged. Here, the window is a double-pane plastic affair with an orange rubber seal to reduce sound leakage and vibration. Other case windows are virtual rattle machines. Not here.

be quiet! Base 600 Orange Case Specs

  • Intelligent airflow for excellent cooling performance
  • Two pre-installed be quiet! Pure Wings 2 fans
  • Fan control included
  • Easy tool-free fitting and cable management

The opposite side panel features a unique pop-out square vent surrounded with sound dampening material.

You’ll also notice orange rubber abounds throughout the case to reduce noisy vibrations and close gaps that would otherwise leak noise. Those rubber strips you see below? Those are for damping the dB on 3.5″ spinning hard drives.

As for other features, the Base 600 includes two of their Pure Wings fans (120 and 140mm varieties) with rubber mounting and a 3-way fan controller (though you probably won’t use it with the latest mobos). You also get triple bays and room for triple SSDs or HDDs and lots of cable management features.

And, really, anything that spins or vibrates gets special be quiet! treatment.

So far, I’m incredibly impressed by the be quiet! Base 600 and can’t wait to put in some serious hardware to see how the be quiet! Base 600 slays the noise.