EVGA, makers of some of the most insane motherboards and graphics cards, is jumping into the bloody waters of gaming laptops. And, like every EVGA product, “entry level” is a dirty word. The SC-17 is premium all the way.

What sets their new 17” laptop apart? Aluminum unibody construction. Where most of the competition goes with plastic for the chassis, EVGA is going full metal. And the results are impressive. In hand, it feels like Darth Macbook Pro, extremely well built, extremely impressive. And, of course, extremely expensive.

Price is said to start at $2600. That should include the absolutely top of the line i7-6820hk as well as an overclocked GTX 980m graphics card, PCIe SSDs, 16GB 2666MHz RAM by G.SKILL and up to 4 hours of battery life. 4 Hours? Yeah, this is a high end mobile battle station, after all.

The monitor is a 17.3” 4K affair, though no G-Sync at launch, but it may become an option shortly.

Otherwise, like all EVGA products, this black metal slab is going to make everyone up their game in the build department.

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