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Review: DXRacer CE120 Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs are all about comfort. Let’s be real, you won’t get higher FPS or score more kills planted in a $400 Ferrari-inspired office chair. But, theoretically, you will be more comfortable and look cool in the process (…theoretically). That said, fancy desk chairs are an obsession of mine. So if anyone offers a chair for review, my hand is the first to go up.

Now, I’ve been burned in the past by gaming chairs that were clearly made for people smaller than my 5’11” 170lb frame. I’m neither a large guy nor a 14 year old twitchy finger e-sports champion. I want something normal, not something that will hug my hips until my legs go numb. Yes, that’s a real issue with the tiny racing chairs out there.

Enter the DXRacer CE120/FT (“FT” seems to stand for fancy leg rest…don’t ask). The CE120 is part of the DXRacer’s wide assortment of gaming chairs. Specifically, the classic line that leans more towards people of stature. The CE120 is definitely less performance racer and more executive lounger. While DX’s normal racers are crafted to look like they were ripped from the pages of Road and Track, the CE120 is more plush Lexus style, ready for long gaming sessions and long post-game naps.

In my few months with the chair, I’ve discover a handful of quirks worth knowing if you’re in the market for a hot new chair.

First, if you’re like me, you’re cross-shopping the CE120, the DXRacer Big Boy model that’s even larger (pictured at bottom) or another of DXRacer’s ‘Merica-sized offerings. The CE120 is comfortably wide while the Big Boy is in an another league entirely. As for the other chairs? I haven’t had the honor of gracing them with my presence.

On the CE120, wiggle to the sides and you’ve got plenty of butt room and no pinched nerves. The foam is the right thickness for me with an appreciated bit of squish. The bigger Big Boy has much firmer foam that, unless you’re heavier, will be just too hard.

Overall, the chair was mighty comfy and a constant source of compliments. And also threats of theft. I often found people sitting in the chair and taking it for a literal spin. Common comments include: “Can I have your chair?” and “What is it like to enjoy your job?” I think the chair tapped into something not entirely gaming related. 

In the end, I was sad to see this chair go. The DXRacer CE120 could be my throne for a good rein at the Unlocked offices.

But not everything was perfect with the DXRacer. I did find the included lumbar pillow/cushion/spine-adjuster a bit of a disappointment, at least for my bones. While the exterior material was nice, the lumbar cushion should really be quite a bit squishier. Whenever I had the lumbar cushion strapped in, I just couldn’t find a comfortable place for the pillow to plant itself in my back. It always pushed me too far forward.

I ended up removing the cushion entirely and leaving it in a drawer. It feels like the chair was designed to be used without the lumbar cushion but, because people like accessories, they threw it in the box knowing  you really wouldn’t use it. At least, that’s my vertebrae’s honest opinion. Maybe you’ll love it.

As for the rest of the chair, the “3D” armrests are easily adjustable though I was a bit disappointed with their quality and firmness. I found myself having to adjust them numerous times throughout the day because they’re so easily moved. I’m more of a “set and forget” kind of guy and I don’t want my armrests needing constant adjustment.

Finally, my biggest gripe with the chair is the chair’s main feature: the leg rest. The idea is a good one — pull the leg rest out, flip up the cushion and get your snooze on.

But in practice, I found the leg rest cushion to be, just like the lumbar, irritatingly firm. In fact, the leg rest is one giant brick-shaped area with no ergonomic grooves for aforementioned legs. Look at the pics — because of the leg rest’s design, your calves have only one point of contact — a hard edge, not a flat, luxurious surface.

Frustratingly, there’s no real reason for this other than aesthetics. The way the cushion flips out from the bottom, DXRacer could have designed the cushion with slopes or ergonomic leg lounges. It doesn’t seem like that little touch would have added to the price.

For me, the leg rest was near useless. That said, another person in the office really liked the leg rest, but as a place for feet, not legs. He’s 5’8” so maybe those two inches are enough to make the difference. Another 5’6” comrade really likes the foot rest, especially for kicking up the dogs during a long day of gaming.

Also, because of the way the chair is designed, the back doesn’t go all the way down like other DXRacers. Sure, you can get some desk snoozing going on, but it’s not quite the same. Because this chair has the leg rest, I was expecting basically a floating bed to catch a few winks when Arkham Asylum freezes, but the experience wasn’t quite what I was expected.

Overall, the DXRacer CE120 does almost everything right…as long as you fit into the recommended height/weight requirements. My recommendation is that if you’re, say, 5’9” or over, the leg rest probably isn’t going to be for you. Considering the CE120 is for the larger among us, it’s surprising the leg rest doesn’t work for taller users. UPDATE: I’ve been informed DXRacer’s leg rest is best used during max recline, not normal sitting. This wasn’t obvious to me at first, maybe it’s common knowledge, who knows. Personally, I want a leg rest that works all day long, like a mini ottoman or barber chair. I tried the DXRacer leg rest in the appropriate position and still found it uncomfortable for my legs, the cushioning much too firm for my liking. Your experience may be different. 

DXRacer also makes the non “FT” version for $40 less, which would be my choice. Though, personally, I would have loved a leg rest with better design since I love nothing more than floating all day like a cloud-based god.

Finally, a note on color. DXRacer says this model is White with Black Accents. In truth it’s more a bone. Or vanilla or mother of pearl or some shade from Home Depot’s paint department that sounds all fancy but is simply “not white.” Look at the pics at the bottom of the page of the CE120 next to the Big Boy chair — the Big Boy is pure white while the CE120 is definitely something not pure white. I liked the CE120’s off-white color, but I think I’d probably choose the absolute white of the Big Boy if the option was available.

That said, I’m missing my CE120. The DXRacer CE120/FT is available for $439 on Newegg.