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Battlestation: i7-6900k and GTX 1080 Doom Slayer

Doom is back in all its retro-future glory. We've been doing a lot of demon-smashing at Unlocked HQ, glory-killing our way to save the world from, well, we're not sure, but it involves demons, renewable energy and a sadface Tilda Swinton. So why not put together a red-themed Doom Slayer battlestation featuring a monster PC with an i7-6900k and GTX 1080 graphics card from Cyberpower, an Acer 35" G-Sync monitor and the best peripherals from Corsair? Why not indeed, so here it is -- the "Doom Slayer Battlestation" to honor our space marine brothers who have died in the fight against low FPS. 

First, "Doom Slayer" is the name the demons have given to the hero of the original '93 version. I would have expected something a little more pejorative from the demon army (I mean, he did use cheat mods back in the day -- "god mode" wouldn't fly with the esports demons at Cloud9), but Doom Slayer it is and this is a battlestation fit for the biggest mancubi out there. 

The Doom Slayer battlestation features a Cyberpower Panzer XL (check out our review here) with a i7-6900k CPU -- yup, that's the latest 8 core Broadwell-E chip retailing right around $1100. The Panzer XL also rocks a Founders GTX 1080 from MSI and a companion MSI X99A motherboard as well as 32 GB RAM, big SSDs and a slick Phanteks case with push button for LED color changes. 

On monitor duty, we went with the $939 Acer Z35 G-Sync ultrawide (review here). Now, this is one of the 144Hz overclocked monitors with a 2560x1080 resolution. And RGB LEDs and red feet, because everything needs to be red, naturally. We could have used the Acer X34 with slightly higher resolution, but we had the Z35 at the ready, so in it went. On Doom, the monitor looks incredible -- with every setting maxed out, we were hitting FPS near 120. That's insane for a game that looks this bonkers good. Seriously, if you haven't played doom on the Foundry level on max, you'll be blown away by the simple smoke and lighting effects, to say nothing for your new bitey friends. 

We also went with the E-Blue Cobra-X gaming chair (review here). I really dig this chair and, ya know, because it's a racing chair, you kill demons twice as fast. Fact. 

On peripheral duty, we dipped into the Corsair toybox and landed a Corsair Strafe (review here) of the MX Silent variety (exclusive in red on Newegg for $99), the Corsair mouse (a Scimitar moba variety on this rig since our resident Corsair M65 Pro was off doing competitive duty), and the Void 7.1 headset. All in red, of course. We did throw in a pair of Rosewill desktop monitors to blast the demon mastication when we had guests in the room. 

Total price landed around $4565, which puts this into Nightmare-level battlestations. With the 6900k CPU and GTX 1080 GPU, you're getting one of the world's fastest systems money can buy. 

As for gaming on this monster, I mean, it's just bonkers good. People came buy to see what this glowing fountain of evil was all about. Once taking a seat in front of 35" of glowing 100+FPS hellfire, you couldn't help but snap off a few heads. 

Overall, we're pretty pleased with our Doom Slayer rig. In the future, we could upgrade the desk to something huge and fancy and then get desk LEDs to throw more Dante-inspired ambiance around the room. But, at the end of the day, this is a temporary setup, we're already building out our ultimate Overwatch rig. Be sure to check out GameCrate for their writeup of the Doom Slayer and more Doom gaming coverage