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Cougar Conquer + EK Orange Crush Build

We recently got our paws on Cougar’s brand new premium Conquer ATX case, and we knew we needed to put together a build that would do it justice as soon as we saw it.

This Newegg exclusive case is all aggressive black and orange metal, tempered glass, and open space. It’s an unconventional chassis that’s perfect for liquid cooling, and we were hell bent on taking full advantage of the space the Conquer provides.

When it all came together, we ended up with the Cougar Orange Crush build, a ferocious PC with orange flair and power to match.

You can pick up the Cougar Conquer case at Newegg for $299.


The Cougar Conquer is an unusual chassis, and in this case “unusual” = awesome. At $299 it’s in firmly premium territory, but the high quality metal, glass, and attention to design puts it up there with some of the classiest high-end cases on the market.

The Conquer has an angular, military aesthetic; from the front it almost looks like the battle mask of a robot warlord. It’s all sharp edges and metal lines, and the placement of the components inside eschew the traditional right angles that are so popular in most cases.

Take a look at us putting this build together-

The 5mm thick tempered glass panels are fairly large, and the left panel is emblazoned with an etched Cougar logo. It’s very noticeable, but the fact it isn’t orange gives it a little more subtlety than it otherwise might.  There’s also one large piece of orange metal near the front to add a splash of color and branding.

After you pull off the panelling, you’re greeted with a spacious interior that allows for some flexibility in how you construct your build.

In the Belly of the Beast

We knew we wanted X299, so we went with the Newegg exclusive ASRock Killer SLI/ac Skylake-X motherboard. The Conquer has interesting placement for the mobo; it’s at an angle which is atypical.

For the CPU we went with a six-core i7-7800X so we can overclock it later if we get the itch.

The Conquer is a wide open case, and that means plenty of room for liquid cooling. AIO’s are great and all, but this special case deserves something a little more custom, and once we get to the overclocking, that CPU is going to need some extra care liquid love.

Orange is the name of the game for this build, so Cougar orange flowing through the tubing behind the tempered glass is what we wanted.

We went with EK’s Fluid Gaming A240 Dual 120mm custom cooling loop to keep the 7800X from getting too hot. The aluminum fittings in this line mean it’s a bit cheaper than the copper and nickel options, not to mention lighter. It’s not just the metal either, pretty much everything has been altered to keep costs down. The pump is lighter and doesn’t have a metal heatsink, the CPU block is now aluminum in an solid top with substantially less weight. For those of you who want custom cooling loops at a lower price, the Fluid Gaming line was designed just for you.

You can read more about it here.

It took us a little bit of time to find the best place to mount the reservoir for the cooling system. There’s only really one place to mount it without getting creative, so we used a mounting bracket from another kit to put it in place, resting on the PSU.

What color coolant did we go with? What a silly question. Orange is the name of the game for this build, so Cougar orange flowing through the tubing behind the tempered glass is what we wanted.

Speaking of cooling, between the custom loop and the open air design, this build is in little danger of running hot. Still though, you can never be too cool, so we popped in another three orange 120mm Cougar fans on the top of the chassis to disperse heat from the radiator, and one more in the front. The case comes with two front fans already installed and an extra one in the box, but we had some extras floating around, so in they went. With the liquid cooling, five fans, and the open case design, this build should be cool as a cucumber.

We’ve been loving the G.SKILL TridentZ RGB RAM, so we popped in 32GB. The fact we could make the LEDs orange made it an easy choice.

If we’re going with custom cooling and an overclockable CPU, we wanted a GPU to match. Though it took ten of us to lift this triple slot beast, the ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1080 Ti AMP Extreme is one of the most powerful cards on the market, so in it went.

For juice we pulled out a trusty Cougar GX-S 750W PSU. Between the heavy duty card and the cooling system, we’re looking at pretty high power requirements, but 750W is more than sufficient.

Lastly, a 512GB HP S700 3D NAND SSD went in toward the top of the case for storage duty.

Cable management was easy due to the easy access on both sides, but it’s unfortunate there is no way to hide the cables on the backside of the chassis. Even with our on point management, it still looks a little meh to see the clumps of cables. Also, if you’re trying to create a neat bundle it sometimes gets a bit large, and that can make the glass panel difficult to put on. More clearance, or a cable shroud to hide them from view would be an excellent addition for the next round of Conquer cases.

Let The Cougar Loose

The star of this show is the Cougar Conquer case. The modern, aggressive aesthetic looks fantastic with the orange accents from the chassis, RAM, RGBs, and coolant. Once it’s powered up, it’s a definite conversation starter.

This is a case for showcasing your components, not for taking to LAN parties. It’s large, it’s heavy, it’s the opposite of portable, but there’s no question it makes quite a statement.