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Build:Corsair Crystal Series 460X RGB

With this Corsair build we focused on using top of the line parts and creative lighting to get a tempered glass rig that’s pretty to look at, and packs a serious punch. Serious power requires serious cooling, and with this PC we wanted to marry those two concepts in an elegant way. So what went into this flashy rig? Check it out:

We started with the Intel i7-6700K quad-core CPU, clocking in at 4.0 Ghz right out of the box. Overclocking this processor is a breeze, so you can get into the high fours, no sweat.

If you do want to overclock, you’ve got to keep things cool. Corsair’s AIO Hydro Series H100i V2 is an excellent solution. The 240mm radiator and dual SP120L PWM fans will keep your CPU nice and chill, even under heavy loads.

The motherboard is the base of operations, so for this build we went with the ASUS Maximus VIII Hero. This LGA1151 socket mobo is a perfect home for sixth generation CPUs, and it looks great too.

As the hearty of any gaming PC, the graphics card is all important. We didn’t want to pull any punches, so we went with an MSI Corsair Hybrid. The HYDRO GFX GTX 1080 is an AIO liquid cooled GTX 1080 powerhouse. The sleeved cables keep the look of the build consistent, and instillation is a cinch. Plus, no fans = less noise.

For RAM we chose two 8GB DDR4 3200 sticks from Corsair’s Vengeance line. The Vengeance line has a great black and white aesthetic, LEDs, and are a perfect addition to our Corsair build. There’s still plenty of room if you want to add more, the Maximus VIII Hero supports up to 64GB.

For storage, we popped in the Corsair Neutron XTi 2.5” 480GB SSD. Plenty of room for expansion on this front as well, including M.2 on the motherboard if you want even quicker write speeds.

To power it up, the fully modular Corsair RM650X 650W PSU seemed like an obvious choice. We love fully modular around here because we’re obsessed with clean builds, so we went with the Corsair Sleeved 24-Pin ATX Cables for both functional and aesthetic purposes.

Lastly, though certainly not least, is the awesome case. The crystal series 460X RGB ATX case elicited quite a few oos and ahs as soon as we unboxed it. The tempered glass lends an air of modern sophistication, and the clear face allows full view of the LEDs in the fans. We also like the PSU shroud, and it’s got cable management options aplenty.

One of the nice things about the case is that it allows you to control the LEDs for the fans from the top, whether it’s changing patterns, colors, or mixing and matching. No control software necessary after installing the switch.

Our final step was to install a few more SP120 120mm fans (now we’re at six!) for even more of a breeze. There’s a magnetic dust filter on the top which is easily removed, but we found that the fans blow out much more efficiently when it is taken off. Nice to have the option though.

When we were done, we had a powerful gaming rig with good looks, and exceptional cooling. Even when running max FPS at high settings we were getting great performance and low temps.

Our Corsair build leaves plenty of room for expansion, but we’re plenty happy with how it turned out.

The white lights from the PSU cooler, the ram and the logo on the card look great, and the breathing yellows and reds of the fans add a flair to the tempered glass.

This PC is definitely cool. Very, very cool.

As if that wasn’t enough, we’re also giving away a ton of Corsair accessories. We’ve got a K70 Rapid Fire mechanical keyboard, a Void 7.1 headset, a M65 gaming mouse, and a MM600 mouse mat to complete your Corsair gaming rig.

Photos By: Joel Moody