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Build: Dark Gravity EVGA + EKWB

We wanted to test out the new EK Waterblocks Fluid Gaming kit that includes a CPU block and GPU block. So we reached out to the EVGA crew who sent us some new hardware, including their EVGA Z270 Classified K motherboard and a founders GTX 1080 graphics card. 

EVGA and EKWB are both brands with understated looks, focusing on dark color schemes over RGBs and bling. 

We decided to pair the components with the HBT Gravity6 case. Check out EVGA mobosHBT Gravity6 case and the EK Fluid Gaming A240G.


We’ve worked with the Gravity6 case before-

But we’re not done with it yet.

For this build, we started with the overclocking friendly EVGA Z270 Classified K motherboard, because the intriguing aesthetic design matched the onyx black of the Gravity case. Also, it’s an all around solid, feature rich board.

We’re going for a modern look here, not the super seizure RGB of an intense gaming build, but a more professional, functional machine that’s understated instead of flashy. This motherboard has that professional look and design that gets us where we’re trying to go.

EVGA motherboards are always a bit different, and the Classified K is no exception. Both the sixteen pin power input and USB 3.0 header are horizontal to the board. While this does give it a cleaner look when it comes to cable management, be aware of the clearances in your case. This design can cause issues if you’re tight on space, but we've used this case before, so we knew what to expect.

This board is designed for overclocking, so it would be a crime not to drop a K designated CPU in there. We decided on an i5-7600K, but before we installed the board, it was time to get started with the custom cooling.

Cool Down

You think premium cooling, you think EK...but you might not think aluminum.

EK is hoping to change that with their EK Fluid Gaming A240G custom cooling kit. This collection has everything you need to create a custom cooling loop for your CPU as well as your Pascal GPU. It has aluminum plates and fittings instead of the typical copper or nickel, which means it’s both cheaper and lighter.

The GPU cooling block is compatible with reference GTX 1060/1070/1080/1080 Ti/ and Titan cards, though you’re going to have to remove the PCB from the shell. Get your tiny little screwdrivers handy.

The pump and fans that ship with the kit are PWM controlled, so operation is quiet, and efficient cooling is allocated according to user demand. The 240mm radiator disperses heat away from your precious parts so you’re getting better performance and less noise.

The brushed metal case makes quite an impression, and the simple, but effective styling inside makes this EK Gravity build look like a piece of modern art. A piece of modern art that can push some seriously high FPS, and look damn good doing it.

This is a soft tubing kit, meaning you’ve got flexibility in terms of how you want your loop to look. It’s got everything you should need, from the aluminum brushed water block to the compression fittings and tubing.

If you’ve ever wanted to do water cooling but thought it was too difficult or expensive, now’s your chance. Just remember, if you’re going to use aluminum, make sure it’s not mixed in with any other metal. Keep it safe people.

We installed the SPC-60 PWM pump-reservoir in the base of the Gravity 6. We knew we weren’t going with any 3.5 inch HDDs, so we had no need for the bays. That helped make a spacey case even more spacey.

Getting the water block around the 1080 Founder’s Edition PCB was easy enough once we removed the plastic shell, and then it was time to get the coolant in.

To keep in line with our more professional, modern aesthetic, we decided to do something a little different, so we didn’t dye the coolant.  

All in all, setting up this cooling loop was about as simple as it gets. The A240G gives you everything you need to get your CPU and GPU in your loop, and as long as you’re careful measuring your tubing and not dumping liquid on your very not liquid proof components, you should be getting lower temps in no time.

It’s Alive!

We didn’t want to go RGB crazy with this build, but that doesn’t mean we can’t give ourselves some options. RGB RAM is a fun way to spice up a build (and you can turn it off if you’re feeling less festive) so we went with 32GB of Corsair Vengeance RGB for storage and a little bit of flair.

For storage we wanted to keep it simple, so we popped in a 500GB 2.5 inch Crucial BX100 SSD and a Rosewill Quark 750 Watt Platinum PSU to keep everything running. The Rosewill Quark is their best PSU yet. And we were surprised to find the cables were all flat black ribbon-style, rather than the red/yellow deli look found on cheaper PSUs. 

Before we flipped the switch and brought our newest creation to life, we added a simple LED lightstrip to show off what’s going on inside. In addition to the RAM, there’s just enough light in the Gravity6 case to show off the modern, sharp edges and clear coolant.

The brushed metal case makes quite an impression, and the simple, but effective styling inside makes this EK Gravity build look like a piece of modern art. A piece of modern art that can push some seriously high FPS, and look damn good doing it.

It’s awesome to see custom cooling loops with multiple components becoming so accessible. Liquid cooling FTW!