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True Blue Comfort: GT Omega Pro XL Gaming Chair

The GT Omega Pro XL racing chair is the first chair of its quality that I’ve been able to spend a substantial amount of time using, and I’m pleased to say it makes a huge difference.

If you’re looking to move from a standard piece of office furniture to something truly worth sitting on, the GT Omega is a compelling proposition. While it’s true there are a great many gaming chairs to choose from, and a lot of them share quite a few design characteristics, the stellar build quality is what helps this chair stand out from the crowd.

You can pick up the GT Omega Pro XL here for $369.95.

Putting It Together

Building the Pro XL is a simple enough process for anyone handy with an allen wrench.

All of the parts come in one large box, which contains the chair back, the chair base, five wheels, the wheel legs, a hydraulic lift assembly, and two arms.

The building process is fairly straightforward. There are some screws that need to be wrenched into place, but it’s hardly difficult to figure out what fits where. Most of the hardware has holes that line up with holes on the rest of the hardware. Just line everything up the right way, and then screw it together. Everything that doesn’t get screwed in simply snaps or pops into place. The directions are fairly concise and easy to follow, so I can’t imagine too many problems here.

No one buys a piece of furniture solely because it’s well engineered. Let’s talk about what really matters; the comfort level of the GT Omega Pro.

There’s also an optional lumbar and neck support pillow you can attach if you’re so inclined. They strap into place by stretching the straps around the back of the chair and clicking the buckle together. Exact positioning will vary each person, so play around with it and see what works best for you. Or, you can throw it in a drawer and never think about it again, up to you.

Quality Construction

The Pro XLs are constructed from primarily black synthetic leather, though they’re available with red, white, or blue trim. All three have white stitching that makes for a chevron pattern up the backrest. There’s also a pitch black version available, if you feel that black is still the new black.

It doesn't really feel like GT Omega cut any corners on the construction here. All of the stitching is strong, and feels like it will last a long time with normal use. I’m glad that GT Omega went with sturdier hydraulics over pneumatics for the lift assembly. Many pneumatic chairs tend to eventually sink over time, whereas hydraulics lifts typically stay elevated longer.  The various levers for adjustment feel responsive, which is doubly impressive considering how many points of adjustment this chair utilizes.

In addition to overall elevation, each armrest can be independently adjusted for height, can click forward and backward, and rotates about 20 degrees to each side. The chair also has a lever that allows you to recline if you’d like, and another lever will release the backrest so that it moves with your torso as you move. I did notice a little wobble where the base meets the lift, but overall the chair is very sturdy and rigid.

Love Your Lumbar

Of course, no one buys a piece of furniture solely because it’s well engineered. Let’s talk about what really matters; the comfort level of the GT Omega Pro XL.

I’ll get one thing out of the way up front: the included neck support pillow was too firm for my liking. I tend not to lean back too far into my chair while I’m doing anything the requires hands on the mouse or keyboard, but I do like to relax while watching cutscenes or other videos, and would have liked something a little softer for my head. Others may find it just firm enough. In either case, it’s easy to add or remove according to preference.

In every other sense, sitting in the XL Pro was an immediate improvement in comfort over the generic office chair I was using before. There really can not be enough said about the benefits of lumbar support in the discussion of gaming ergonomics, and the rigidity of the backrest and the included lumbar support pillow are wonderful for maintaining posture, especially over marathon gaming sessions or long hours of work. When I did fully lean back, I felt like my shoulder blades and shoulders were cradled by the sides of the backrest. For reference, I’m on the unflattering side of 260lbs, so feeling as supported as I was by the Pro XL was fairly impressive.

A True Racing Chair

GT Omega styles itself and its products with a certain racing-themed aesthetic, and its chairs, along with the gaming chair market as a whole, definitely take cues from the seats in actual racecars. While a chair like the XL Pro XL is a solid investment for anyone who needs to spend long hours at a desk, I figured it would be worth it to get in the mindset of a demographic who obviously appreciate a good racing seat: racing simulation enthusiasts.

I set up a Logitech G29 (even though this product is branded for use with Playstation consoles, it works flawlessly with PC’s, and is worthy of its own review) so I could test the Pro XL in its natural environment. Going through some test turns and bends while mashing the various pedals, the chair does feel like a natural fit for racing games. It does swivel slightly as you adjust your body and press the gas, brake, or clutch, and for the sake of hardcore racing enthusiasts, I do wish that there was a mechanical swivel lock. Having the chair turn side to side less could enhance some of the realism in racing games, though likely won’t matter to most gamers.

A Solid Contender

The GT Omega Pro XL’s strengths are its construction and durability. It’s a comfortable place to sit, and provides support in all the right places. Better yet, it’s relatively easy to build.

I had some personal hangups about the firmness of the neck support pillow, but the features of any product based on ergonomics feel different to people with different body types.

Overall, the Pro XL is comfortable racing chair that could be more worthy of being called a racing throne.

Check out the GT Omega Pro XL here for $369.95.