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MSI IS Playing Games with X299 At Computex 2017

MSI, maker of all things gamer-y and RGB has announced five shiny new X299 motherboards at Computex 2017. As expected they are A) mostly covered in LEDs, and B) awesome.

X299 is Intel’s new gaming platform, with CPU offerings from $242 up to $1,999. You can get all the info you need here.

You'll be able to pick up these boards very soon here.

First up:

X299 XPower Gaming AC

This ice inspired silver and white flagship mobo is heavy on the M.2 slots. It’s got three available (one 80 mm and two 110 mm) on the actual board, with another two via the included PCIe riser card. I’m not sure what you’d do with five M.2 slots, but we can’t wait to find out. Oh, and 10 SATA 6Gb/s slots, just in case you want even more traditional storage.

As expected, the board is covered with LEDs, all fully controllable with MSI’s Mystic Light RGB software. This is most likely going to be the most expensive of the lineup, with a particular emphasis on phase design.

X299 Gaming M7 ACK

Of course MSI is going to go all out with their not so mysteriously titled Gaming line. Pictured here is the M7, in all it’s high end RGB glory.

These X299 boards are sporting what MSI calls M.2 Shield Frozr, which is a gull wing like door for your two M.2 drives, supposedly designed to protect the fragile little drives and prevent throttling. It will be interesting to see if this actually works once we can run some thermal tests.

It’s got everything you expect from the X299 family, including Optane Support, U.2 and 8 DIMMS of Quad Channel DDR4 RAM.

And of course, more RGB then you can shake a stick at.

X299 Tomahawk

Looks like MSI is keeping it’s weapon themed line with the deep silver X299 Tomahawk. This metallic LGA2066 socket mobo isn’t splattered with RGB like the other models, but it looks like it’s also the second cheapest of the lineup, so that’s not a huge surprise. Instead of lights, it's focused on stainless steel heat sinks in the name of durability. It’s still got most of the features of its more expensive brethren, including U.2 and Optane support, and four PCI-E 3.0x16 slots with support for 3 way Crossfire or SLI.  

In other words, it ain't no slouch.

X299 Gaming Pro Carbon AC

This purty board is rockin peacock feather iridescent covers that can be replaced via a 3D printer if customization is your game.

Other than that the different looks, it’s got pretty much the same feature set as the other X299 boards on display at Computex 2017.

The Carbon looks like it’s pricier than the SLI or the Tomahawk, and is rocking quite a few more RGBs.

X299 SLI Plus

The SLI Plus is the entry level MSI X299 board, but that doesn’t mean it’s low end. It’s still got two M.2 ports as opposed to some of the other board’s three, and still supports U.2.

The SLI Plus board utilizes more subtle RGB effects that I actually really like, simple little accent lines instead of the unicorn blowout on some of the other boards like the M7.

It may be the cheapest of MSI's X299 boards, but I think it might be my favorite from an aethetic perspective.

It's awesome to see MSI pulling their weight in the X299 board race, not to mention some killer new Z270s for people who aren't yet ready to upgrade.

We’re also curious if there are other variations on these boards that have yet to be made public, like the Tomahawk Arctic, or the X299 Raider. No sign of those yet, but we’ll keep you updated if/when we learn more.