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LG Ultrafine Thunderbolt 3 monitors spotted at CES 2018

If you’re familiar with Thunderbolt 3, you’re already well aware of the video capabilities of Intel’s super-fast device interlink. After all, TB3’s 40Gbp/s connection provides plenty of bandwidth for video data to flow.

However, to dive a little deeper into the technology, it’s important to note that TB3 also supports the Displayport 1.2 and HDMI 2.0 standards. In realistic terms, that means that a single TB3 device can generally drive up to two daisy-chained 4k monitors at 60Hz, and some Mac products that use the technology can power what they call a 5K monitor.

This year, at CES 2018, LG Electronics unveiled two new monitors that seek to take full advantage of TB3’s video protocols and connectivity features. Our field team at CES was able to snap a few photos of the new LG 32UK950, but LG also published a press release that covers the 950 as well as the 34WK95U monitor.

Let’s examine what we know so far.

LG 32UK950 and 34WK95U Monitors

It’s apparent that both of these new displays will offer a top end viewing experience, and both boast a plethora of bleeding edge display technologies.

The 32UK950 monitor is a 32” UHD 4K display, which means it has a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels. LG claims that this is the first monitor to offer its Nano IPS technology, which according the the press release ”..involves the application of nanometer-sized particles to the screen’s LED to absorb excess light wavelengths.“  It seems like the end goal of Nano IPS is to create extra color vibrancy and contrast by absorbing additional light and color that might normally wash-out features of the image. LG says that this new monitor will meet the VESA HDR600 standard, which means it will offer local dimming, for blacker blacks, and 600cd/m2 for intense luminance. (cd/m2 means Candela per Meter Squared).

LG’s new 32UK950 and 34WK95U look like they could be one of the best Thunderbolt 3-compatible displays to hit the market.

Exact details on the 34WK95U are a little more scarce, but we’ll share what we know. This monitor appears to be wider version of the 32UK950, which LG calls a 5K monitor. The resolution on the 95U is 5120x2160, which means it has the same vertical dimensions as the 950, but is significantly wider. We’ve seen some debate online regarding whether or not this truly counts as 5K in the same sense as Apple’s 5K displays do, or if it’s more accurate to call the 95U an ultrawide 4K. We also know that the 95U will also employ Nano IPS, and will apparently meet the HDR600 standard.

The Thunderbolt 3 Connection

It looks like LG’s monitors will boast top notch viewing experiences, but that’s not the most exciting feature. There are other TB3 monitors out on the market, but the 32UK950 and the 34WK95U are probably some of the nicest looking, and at this point, look like they might be able to take full advantage of what Thunderbolt 3 has to offer.

Details on exactly what connections each of these monitors have are a little sparse, but there’s enough info out there to make an educated guess.

Each monitor has at least one TB3 port, but because TB3 supports daisy chaining an additional monitor, it’s quite possible that there will be two TB3 ports per display in order to facilitate dual monitor setups.

It also seems that there’s the possibility of using these monitors as a laptop docking station through their TB3 connections. The placards next to the monitors at CES suggest that there may be one or more USB ports on each monitor, and a line from the press release suggests that the monitor will be able to provide power to charge a connected laptop. Of course, if our hunch is right and these monitors do have a secondary TB3 port, that opens up some additional possibilities, like adding an additional docking station or an external HDD device.

We’re excited to get our hands on these monitors to confirm our suspicions.

LG & TB3

LG’s new 32UK950 and 34WK95U look like they could be one of the best Thunderbolt 3-compatible displays to hit the market. These monitors earned an Innovation Honoree award at CES 2018, so clearly plenty of our colleagues in the industry have reached similar conclusions.

Both of these ultra-high definition monitors offer top-tier display features, and from what we know about them so far, they look like they’ll seamlessly integrate Thunderbolt 3. They should be able to flawlessly convey high-quality video data and act as laptop docking stations to boot. That’s a pretty huge deal, and could represent the future of display tech going forward.

We’re waiting to hear more on price points and release projections. Stay with Unlocked for more on LG’s TB3-capable 32UK950 and 34WK95U displays.