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Hands-On: Rosewill Nebula GX10 and GX30 Headsets

Rosewill is hitting the gaming headset market hard with their Nebula line, a competitively-priced series of headsets designed for gamers who’d rather spend their money on the latest AAA titles than a headset with features they don’t need.

We have two different models of the Nebula in the studio right now, the GX10, and the GX30.

They’re on the lower end of the price spectrum, but they hold their own against some of the pricier models.


First up, let's take a look at the GX10.

This the Nebula’s entry level headset. It retails for $24.99 on Newegg, making it the most affordable gaming headset I’ve seen in awhile. It’s also cross-compatible with your PC or consoles, which provides even more value for the budget-conscious gamer. The fact that I can use one pair of headphones across all my different systems for less than the price of dinner and a movie is a huge selling point, and is a compelling reason to give the GX10 a chance.

I was really impressed with the GX10’s microphone. It picked up my voice loud and clear, and I experienced very little distortion even when I was screaming in the middle of tense firefights. Obviously the sound quality on a 25 dollar headset is not going to beat a high quality XLR microphone, but it’s more than good enough for gaming. The microphone also swivels upward, allowing it to get out of your face when you’re not using it. It can be muted with a controller that’s attached to the braided cable. The controller also has a simple volume dial as well.

The Nebula line are not the most feature-rich headsets on the market, but price is a critical consideration here.

The GX10 only starts to show its price tag when it comes to comfort. I found the headband was a bit tight after extended use, and I wouldn’t mind a bit more padding. The earcups also felt a bit small, though that will vary based on the shape of your head. The leather padding is nice, but it did get a little warm after an hour or two. Certainly not unique to this headset, but it’s something I couldn’t ignore.

The lighting is a bit of a mixed bag. The bright blue looks great, especially if you have a blue themed rig, but it would be nice to be able to turn off the lights.

The GX10 has a nicely defined soundscape. Spatially, I was able to differentiate between distant gunshots and ones closer to my character. However, the sound was a bit washed out and tinny. This was especially noticeable in listening to music, but if you’re strictly using these headphones for gaming, you’ll be fine, especially if you remember the price to performance ratio here.


With the GX30, Rosewill has retained the drivers and microphone of the GX10, but added a few extra quality of life features for gamers willing to shell out a bit more cash. They retail for $34.99 on Newegg.

The GX30 has a lot more shine and polish than the GX10, sporting some extra features that make day to day usage a whole lot more pleasant. First, the RGB lighting is more extensive. It’s far more subtle and colorful, rotating from blue, to purple, to white, and back to blue again. It can also be shut off entirely with a switch on the controller. Second, the microphone is detachable, which is great for traveling, or if even twisting the mic up gets on your nerves.

The mic is also much more flexible, and can be bent to be positioned precisely where you want it. Third, the earcups are much bigger, and as such, they’re far more comfortable over marathon gaming sessions. For just ten extra dollars, the wear-ability is substantially ahead of the GX30, and that alone makes it worth recommending.

I should note that the headphones and microphones aren’t exactly the same as those on the GX10 – the tech specs Rosewill provided list a slightly different frequency response between the two headsets in both the microphone and the headphones. However, I couldn’t tell the difference in my real-world testing, so my guess is that most people probably won’t notice.

Price Wise

The Nebula line are not the most feature rich headsets on the market, but price is a critical consideration here. For $25 you’re looking at an attractive, highly functional headset, and for $35, you’re looking at a headset that can compete with much more expensive competitors.

It’s hard to beat that. Check out the GX10 and the GX30 on Newegg.  

Disclosure: Rosewill is owned by the same parent company as us here at Unlocked.