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Hands-On: Pixio PX347c Prime 34-Inch Curved Gaming Monitor

Ultrawide monitors are a popular solution for users who demand a lot of screen real estate for multitasking, but who don’t want to deal with two physical monitors or the bezel that separates them. The ultrawide aspect ratio has also come into vogue with gamers who enjoy the wider FOV for simulation games that put the player inside a cockpit, like racing games, flight sims, and battle mech shooters.

New on the widescreen scene is monitor manufacturer Pixio and their flagship product – the PX347c Prime.

The PX347c Prime offers a number of refinements and enhancements that gamers will appreciate, including a 100Hz refresh rate for smooth and blur-free gaming. The monitor also takes advantage of AMD’s Adaptive-sync (between 80-100Hz) to minimize choppiness and screen tearing.

There are also a number of presets that allow you to customize color options for those of you who like to personalize your viewing experience. In other words, this is a pretty serious panel at a compelling price point.

You can pick up the Pixio PX347c Prime here for $599.99.


With its understated good looks and matte dark grey plastic construction, the PX347c Prime is an elegant addition to any battle station or workspace. The metal base provides a comforting stability without taking up too much desk space. It would look right at home in an office too; the only aspect of the design that calls out the monitor’s gaming roots is the hot red Pixio logo on the back.

For users who are thinking of a multi-monitor setup, the bezels measure roughly half an inch on three sides, with the bottom bezel measuring about an inch.

Viewing Experience

Pixio was founded in 2016, by gamers who wanted to bring high-end gaming monitors to more price conscious gamers. One might think Pixio skimped on the panel to pass on the price to consumers, but that’s not the case here. Pixio didn’t build the PX347c Prime using less expensive TN panels. Instead, they opted for SVA Samsung panels, which offer better color reproduction and wider viewing angles. TN panels typically sacrifice these considerations for higher response times.

This PX347c measures in at 34 inches, utilizes a 21:9 aspect ratio, and features a UWQHD resolution of 3440 x 1440 pixels. It has a solid viewing angle of 178-degrees, and we didn’t notice any color shifting, even at extreme angles. It’s a solid panel.

Though the foundation is solid, there are a few areas in which this monitor is a little feature light. It can be tilted, but not raised or lowered, and it does not offer VESA mounting.

The PX347c Prime is designed with an 1800R curve, which is on the curvier side of the curved monitor spectrum, but also closer to the natural curve of the human eye. This may irritate or feel amazing depending on how far away the monitor is from the user’s sitting position, and your personal preference.

Special Features

Like much of the PX347c, the input selection is straightforward. There’s an HDMI port, a DisplayPort for the higher refresh rate, and a DVI input for legacy devices. No USB hubs or speakers here, the focus for this display is the panel itself.

Multiple inputs allow users to attach two sources to the PX347c Prime and display both at the same time. This function is performed either by picture-in-picture (allowing the user to choose which source to focus on) or by picture-by-picture, where both sources are displayed side-by-side in an aspect ratio closer to 4:3. This might be an ideal solution for users who want to watch television on the same monitor as they game or work, and don’t want to deal with constantly resizing windows.

The PX347c Prime is designed with a flicker-free technology, and the positive effect on our eyes was noticeable even after staring closely at the monitor for several hours straight.

The menu is straight forward, intuitive, and easy to navigate via a series of buttons on the bottom of the panel.

The features we appreciated the most are the ones that helped to reduce eye strain. The PX347c Prime is designed with a flicker-free technology, and the positive effect on our eyes was noticeable even after staring closely at the monitor for several hours straight. There’s also an eye-care mode that reduces Blue Light for easier reading in low-light conditions. There’s an obvious sacrifice to color reproduction, so you probably won’t use this feature when gaming or watching movies, but it will be appreciated when working on a paper late at night before bed.

Panel Power

You have to admire the focus here. The PX347c is affordably priced, without sacrificing the high quality panel, and Pixio pulled that off by keeping everything as straightforward as possible. If you’re looking for multiple HDMI inputs, speakers, or headset docks this might not be the monitor for you.

But if you want a competitively priced, high quality panel that wows with its 3440 x 1440 resolution and a solid refresh rate, the Pixio PX347c Prime is a tempting proposition.