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Hands On: NZXT Aer Fans

This is the time of RGB everything. Here, NZXT is pushing the envelope in the RGB fan arena and bringing their unique style to the game.

You can pick up the NZXT Aer fans here, either by themselves or with the Hue+ controller. They’re available in 120mm or 140mm.

Light Show

First thing’s first – these are premium fans, so they aren’t cheap. There’s a reason for that though; not only are they built well, but the software powering them is hardcore. NZXT claims that the fans are constructed in a way that minimizes noise levels, and we found that to be true in our tests.

It should be noted that unless you buy the Hue+ controller (more on that in a sec) these fans can’t do any of the fancy stuff they’re promising. That means that for a pack of three plus the controller, you’re looking at over 100 dollars for fans, which might seem steep.

Other than the stellar construction, the exciting thing here is the RGB. Not simply LEDs that can cycle through different colors like so much of the competition, but fully controllable RGB, keyboard style. This means you can add fans to your rainbow lightshow inside (and outside) your build.

The downside? It requires a separate controller, meaning you can’t control the fans directly from your motherboard with something like AURA; it requires an entirely separate software suite. 

The Hue+ controller itself is powered via a four pin Molex connector, all of which is included. Keep in mind that you’ll need a free USB 2.0 header so the software can properly communicate with the board, which can be a problem if your board is full.

For example, in our recent Manta build (check it out here), which used a mini ITX board, all we had free was a USB 3.0 header so we needed a USB 2.0 adapter to get it functioning properly. Nothing major, but certainly something to be aware of.

We would prefer to be able to control all of our RGB with one software suite, but the good news is that NZXT’s Hue+ controller software (called CAM) is super intuitive and easy to use. At the end of the day, if you want to coordinate all of your color values it will require two clicks instead of one, not to mention providing the added flexibility of controlling fan speeds. That’s definitely doable. There are four RGB light strips included with the Hue+ controller as well, allowing you to customize your PC disco even further.

The dream, it seems, is for every single component, including our cases and CPUs, to be PURE RGB ALL THE TIME UNTIL OUR EYEBALLS SEAR. But we’re not quite there yet.

What NZXT is bringing to the table with their Aer fans is simple; high quality, well built fans with awesome looking RGB and powerful control software.

Let the RGB everything revolution continue.