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EKWB's Ultra Premium Cooling Has Arrived

EKWB is arguably the Rolls Royce of water cooling.  

Chances are if you’ve seen a sick super custom liquid-cooled PC in the last few years, it’s using EK for the CPU block, GPU block, fittings pumps, and other components. There are other guys on the market, but EK is arguably the top choice for modders around the world.

Alas, Newegg has been devoid of EKWB, leaving a huge gap in its water cooling category. But no longer. Newegg + EK are together at last. And we got our hands on some sweet new products. But before we get building, we want to give you an overview of the lineup. 

Now, while Newegg is technically stocking EK, it doesn’t carry the ginormous catalog of parts, at least not yet anyway.

What Newegg is stocking is the first shipment of EK all-in-one CPU coolers and DIY CPU cooler kits. The “AIO” Predator 240, at $199, makes it a good hundred bucks more expensive than the competition.

Why the price jump? Insane quality and future-proof construction. 

The design of the Predator follows traditional custom cooling methodology, not the current gen AIO models on the market that have the pump planted on the CPU itself.

Rather, the Predator puts the pump and reservoir on the radiator, not the CPU block. This allows the CPU block to look nice and fancy, with its clear sides and metal fittings.

This also means the Predator is upgradeable in a number of important ways.

See that fitting in the middle of the tubes? That's the QDC aka Quick Disconnect Connector. It takes a half second to pull it apart and connect other components that need cooling, like a graphics card. And no leaking – believe me, I tried.

Also, since the CPU is right out of EK’s portfolio of fancy water blocks, it can be used to upgrade to clear hoses, hard pipe, and any number of future configurations. Fittings are industry standard G1/4” and support 10mm (⅜”) tubing.

The fans are EK’s Vardar units (“Vardar” is a Macedonian wind that, no doubt, helped Alexander defeat, well, everyone). Unlike most fans, Vardar’s fan blades are not cheap plastic, but a more expensive heavy substance. It's still plastic but there's no flex and they feel like a metal alloy. Combined with the built-in fan controller, the construction is, once again, insanely premium.

Even the hoses aren’t your typical plastic jobbies, but EPDM rubber found in automotive and industrial applications. The hoses are rated for well below freezing and above boiling temps. Way overkill for rounds of Overwatch, but EPDM is a superior material, at least in EK’s eyes, over PVC and other plastic tubing that can leach chemicals into the liquid after a number of years. 

Really, among PC-building addicts, the Predator is considered the best AIO unit out there, both in terms of construction and raw performance. And, of course, it comes with a price to match.

Personally, I’d love to see EK sell their AIO radiator/pump combo by itself to form the foundation of a killer semi-easy liquid rig to fill in that space between AIO and full custom loops.

Now, for custom loops, EK’s Extreme Complete Liquid Cooling Kit comes with everything needed to assemble a full liquid rig. At $389, the Extreme EK-KIT X360 sits atop EK’s line of killer ready-to-build packages.

Now, it’s worth noting these are monster components – the radiator on the 360mm model here is 60mm thick which, combined with the 25mm fans, is gonna need some serious space inside your case (3.3" deep in America units). We couldn’t get the radiator to work in a number of popular midtowers that advertise 360mm fan support.

Here’s EK’s list of supported cases:

- SilverStone TJ11, TJ07

- Thermaltake Element V series

- Corsair Obsidian 800D, 900D

- Cooler Master HAF X (NVIDIA edition), HAF 932 series

- Case Labs Magnum M8, M(H)10, T(H)10 series

- Xilence Interceptor, Interceptor Pro

- LD PC-V8, PC-V8 Reversed

- Enermax Fulmo GT

We were also able to get it working in the HBT Gravity 5 but just barely. 

The EK waterblock is the top Supremacy EVO block with fancy copper insides. While the kit comes with every component you need, a pipe cutter is not included. Sure, you could use your teeth, but we recommend the real deal.

Overall, for building a ridiculously good system, EK remains a modder’s top choice, and it’s super exciting to see EK finally at Newegg in the States. Check out the Predator 240 and EK-KIT X360