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GIGABYTE’s Brix VR: The Itty Bitty VR Machine

We’re all about seeing how much power can fit into tiny spaces, and the GIGABYTE Brix is a perfect example of that awesome SFF design on full display at Computex 2017.

We’ve talked about the last version of the Brix, you can read all about it here, but as tech is wont to do, things have upgraded substantially.

You'll be able to pick up the Brix VR when it's released on Newegg.

Brix 2017

Everything that was true about the Brix last year is still true, but with more emphasis on VR. The same interesting mini tower design, (think tiny Mac Pro). same unique cooling solution, same hovering metal plate sporting the GIGABYTE logo..

Instead of the silver from last year’s model, GIGABYTE blacked it out and added subtle hints of orange, perhaps to unify the aesthetics with their GPUs and VR ready laptops.

Speaking of VR, the Brix is being marketed as VR ready despite it’s tiny size. You will be able to get one with a GTX 1050 Ti or 1060 GPU stuffed in there. The idea here is to have a living room VR computer with a tiny footprint, and the unique design GIGABYTE’s got goin’ on is definitely a an interesting addition to any entertainment system.

In addition to the very capable GPU, you can also get the Brix VR with a Kaby Lake chip for a surprisingly competent system given the size. And if that’s still not enough, you can upgrade the storage, with options for M.2 or SATA drives.

As for ports, GIGABYTE was not being stingy. There’s everything you’d expect at the Brix VR we saw at Computex 2017, including two USB-C 3.1 (though no Thunderbolt 3 support), three USB 3.0 ports, two mini DisplayPort inputs, and two HDMI outputs which is great for VR.

No word yet on price or release date, but we’ll certainly be putting the Brix VR through its paces as soon as we get one, so stay tuned.

You’ll be able to pick one up when it’s released here.