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Hands On: Corsair RGBs Their Vengeance RAM

Corsair has launched their worst kept secret in the random access world -- RGB Vengence RAM.

Corsair is technically the second company to release bus-powered RGB RAM. That’s different than other RGB glow sticks on the market with cables meant to connect to 12v 4 pin headers or other light systems.

Since the RAM is bus-powered, that means life is easy when installing the RAM -- no cables, just in it goes.

The kits available are 8GB DDR4 3000 models in either 16B or 32GB kits. We got the four stick 32GB kit for testing. 

Corsair comes with 4 standard light effects -- static, rainbow, breathing and color shift.

You can also control the RAM using Corsair’s own software that matches the rest of their Corsair products. Download Corsair LINK and you can get everything to sync up. Corsair does have one of the more powerful, though sometimes confusing, RGB software suites out there.

The LEDs light up in one entire color at a time. That means a single stick is a single color, not multiple colors at once. The main colors that come pre-loaded are pretty basic party colors, not the more attractive pastels that are appearing in Corsair's other products and in fancy custom PC builds. That said, you can customize to your heart's content and, since this is Corsair we're talking about, one assumes they'll offer software upgrades and more custom features through their community. 

As for cost, RAM prices fluctuate wildly depending on market demand (unlike, say, mechanical keyboards).

Right now, the 16GB 3000MHz kit MSRP is $183, compared to regular LED Vengeance at $139 or the non-LED Vengeance LPX at $129. Doingthemath -- that’s a $27/stick cost for RGB LEDs over super borning normal RAM.

What else? Well, the RAM feels pretty premium, a step above their cheaper offerings and the new RGB has a matte black finish that is definitely an upgrade.

I do wish Corsair went with a full colored bar across the top rather than their signature fins. Or maybe offer different fin configurations. It seems like a shame to cover up nearly 50% of the RGB goodness.

But given the popularity of Corsair RAM, I’m sure the new Vengeance RGB will be a hit with the rainbow case crowd.