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Corsair Keyboards and Coolers at Computex

Corsair showed off their new Corsair K68 “Dust and Spill Resistant” keyboard with Cherry MX red liquid switches and “Dynamic Backlighting.”

Really, Corsair’s mini car wash demo was great -- nothing says “spill resistant” like water jets in a dunk tank.

You’re probably asking why the world needs an expensive liquid-proof mech keyboard. Well, turns out Corsair supplies boards to internet cafes across the globe where hordes of twitchy gamers can’t hold their Mountain Dew properly.

We just got a review sample and, first test, tells us this has all the Corsair quality but, ya know, waterproof-ish. 


Corsair loves those RGBs, but their liquid CPU AIO coolers have been surprisingly devoid of the LED explosion.

The new Hydro RGB series features a new CPU pump with glowing goodness. I’m glad to see they keep the hoses to the side rather than top for extra tube-management options. The new coolers should be released soon, and you'll be able to pick them up here.

Also, check out those new RGB maglev fans. Yes, these are the fans made from pure Japanese trains that cost $20...without RGBs. So throw RGBs into the mix and you’re looking at some premium air-movers.

The ML120 and ML140 maglev fans are already a very popular option for premium cooling, so it was only a matter of time until RGBs came into the picture.