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Corsair debuts two new concept PCs and new lighting and cooling options at Computex

Corsair is known for bringing flashy custom PCs to industry trade shows, and Computex 2017 is no exception. At the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Taipei, Taiwan, Corsair debuted Concept Curve and Concept Slate, two new PC cases designed to show off the cutting edge of hardware tech Corsair brings to the table. Along with the PCs, the hardware and peripheral company also debuted their new SYNC IT RGB lighting demonstration and a collection of new liquid cooling options. 

Concept Curve and Concept Slate

Corsair's Concept Curve PC takes the company's popular and heavy-duty Graphite 780T case to a new level by remaking the whole thing in hand-finished carbon fiber and cuved glass. The tempered glass allows a clear look at the liquid cooling inside, along with what a press release identifies as "prototype RGB fans." Concept Curve was inspired by high-end supercars, and the look is completed with a vibrant orange trim. 

If Concept Curve is a racecar, then Concept Slate is some sort of spaceship. This intimidating system is designed for a combination of strength, power, and (of course) good looks, and features smoked tempered glass to give a good look at all the incredible hardware it contains. Concept Slate is packing "massive water-cooling" and a dual-system build, thanks to a mini-ITX board. That means that Concept Slate is really two systems in one, each one complete with water-cooling and RGB lighting. 

SYNC IT Lighting

With SYNC IT, Corsair offers unified RGB control for Corsair case fans, Hydro Series CPU coolers, light strips, keyboards, mice, and more. You can even go as far as RGB-enabled motherboards, if you have a compatible model from MSI. SYNC IT allows you to match up every form of lighting you can dream of using a single unified software interface, which definitely provides an incentive for the lighting-obsessed to pick up as many Corsair components and peripherals as possible. 

Corsair's gaming peripherals already offer some of the flashiest lighting options in the business, especially in their crown jewel K95 keyboard, and their existing Corsair Utility Engine allowed for lighting options which synced and spread between peripherals, enabling you to hit a key on the board and watch a ripple of light spread to your mouse, mousepad, and headset. With SYNC IT, that same lighting continuity can now be possible throughout your entire system—and that's exciting stuff. 

Liquid Cooling

The final pieces of news out of Computex from Corsair concern liquid cooling, first in the form of new prototype RGB Hydro Series liquid CPU coolers. The list of design and tech features under the hood for these new coolers starts with a quieter and more efficient pump and ramps up quickly to include magnetic levitation fans (which Corsair products have actually featured for a little while now, but which still sounds like the future). 

Concept Curve and Concept Curve both feature custom liquid cooling water blocks, fittings, and radiators for their CPUs and GPUs, providing custom cooling enthusiasts with a fresh new source of inspiration for their own projects. The custom coolers feature nickel and copper blocks along with chrome fittings, and Corsair says these are just the "first look" at the upcoming liquid cooling options from the company.