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Build Spotlight: Zotac's Destiny 2 Custom PC

Everyone’s got an opinion on Destiny 2, but love it or hate it, the studio behind Destiny and the original Halo trilogy has a knack for creating interesting properties with unique sci-fi vibes.

Our friends over at Zotac wanted to capture the feel of the Destiny universe, so they commissioned Ron Christianson of Blue Horse Studios to create a one-of-a-kind PC casemod that channeled some of that cosmic sci-fi look.


The build arrived in an enormous wooden shipping container. It was so big that we weren’t able to get it into our photography booth, so we got some closeups of the top panel. It was a little bit like getting an in-game loot box, except it turns out that real-life ones are far more fun to open with a crowbar. Still, I bet something like this is how Zavala receives all of those Origin Story auto-rifles that he hands out for Vanguard tokens. (Give me a Showrunner, you blue jerk.)


So, let's start with the bad news: this beautiful, unique piece of art was irreparably damaged during transport. The critical flaw in the construction of the piece is that the tower itself wasn’t sufficiently secured to the base. Unfortunately, at some point between here and Vancouver, the tower toppled off its base and crushed a lot of the plasticard that bridged the gap between tower and base. Our photo guy, Wes, worked his magic to bring you the angles where the damage is less prominent so you can still see the original vision. That being said, you might spot some of the cracks and tape we used to hold it all together.

That damage aside, you can still tell how this case would have looked in its full splendor. The olive paint job and extra plating lend the system the look of a piece of military equipment left in the dunes of Mars to rust away. But this machine still has some life left in it, as evidenced by the custom lighting effects on every side. The front case has an illuminated Destiny Logo, and the far side has a number dials that light up. The system itself has plenty of RGB internally, and there are a couple of miscellaneous light up panels built into the base.

Speaking of the base, what’s that nestled in under the tower? Fans of the original Destiny will notice Thorn, one of the exotic hand cannons from that game. Unfortunately you can’t take it out or shoot it (though considering the current rage levels of the Destiny fanbase, that might be for the best).

My favorite feature of this build is the friendly red and white Ghost on the corner. His eye lights up just like in the game, and at first glance he even looks like he’s floating there above the Martian terrain, keeping an eye on a piece of Golden Age tech for his Guardian. We’re still a ways out from having real life talking, floating Ghost companions, but this might be the next best thing.


Of course, a Destiny themed PC that couldn’t actually run Destiny 2 would be a huge disappointment. Luckily, Zotac donated a plethora of parts so that the build would play as good as it looks. We pulled the specs:

That’s a pretty hefty piece of firepower there. This build has your back whether you want to do Nightfall strikes, Crucible matches, or public events.


Between the custom paint job and sculpting work, this gorgeous Destiny theme case mod still stands out from the pack, despite a setback resulting in some fairly major damage. Plus it still can play Destiny 2 like a champion, and that’s what really counts. Experiencing this build in person is like getting an exotic engram.

Hopefully this awesome case will make its way back to Blue Horse Studios for refit and repair.

(Photo Credits: Wes Eastin)